Drool-worthy Ideal Cut Diamonds:

Blue Nile Diamond Reviews GIA Excellent Cut.

5.79 carat, E-color, VVS-2 clarity, GIA 3X Blue Nile.

Black by Brian Gavin Diamond.

2.667 carat, D, VVS-1, Black by Brian Gavin Diamond.

James Allen GIA Excellent Ideal Cut Diamond.

10.48 carat, I, VS-1, GIA 3X James Allen.

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Sparkle Factor:

Brilliance is the white sparkle or flashes of light. Dispersion is colored sparkle or fire. When you or the diamond is moving it creates scintillation. 

Light Performance:

The pavilion angle dictates the volume of light return. At the same time, the crown angle determines the balance of brilliance and dispersion.

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